Monday, March 10, 2008

Lucy Decides to Die - I

Inspired from Paulo Coelho's book - Veronica Decides to Die.

The alarm beeped six. With eyes still closed Lucy turned to her husband, and searched for his mouth with hers. He returned her kiss, and told her to stay in bed for five more minutes. She did. With a minute still to go of her extended sleep, Lucy decided to die.

She left the bed. With routine haste her husband and she moved through the foggy morning. She carefully brushed her teeth, stopping at all thirty-one of them. She wanted to be a good-looking corpse. When her husband was in the shower, she quietly packed her seldom worn jeans and her soft blue dress into her sturdy office bag. She also put every last penny of cash she possessed into her wallet. She dressed with care.

Her husband and she had their usual breakfast of cornflakes. She apologized for not making him lunch, and told him to use the office canteen for once. He made no fuss. They were just about to step out, when she stopped him. She pulled him close, and kissed him full on his mouth. Her husband was a little surprised but brushed off the sudden show of affection as one of the mood swings she often had. Only she knew, that it would be the last time they would kiss.

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