Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lucy Decides to Die - II

Lucy boarded the first train of the morning,as she usually did for work. She waved to her husband till the train pulled out of the station. She watched his familiar face fade away forever. Then she took out her phone, plugged into her regular radio station, and started to listen to music. She did not get off at her station. Today she was going someplace else.
Soon, the train pulled into the last station. Lucy unplugged the radio and got off the train. Even at eight in the morning the station was burdened with a bevy of people, all of them in a hurry. Lucy formed a bubble of laze in a sea of haste. Lucy had nowhere to go. She stepped into the dusty city, and a waterfall of noise drenched her. She walked aimlessly for a while before she stopped at an ATM.
She walked in and used her card. Crisp notes gratified her. She carefully counted the money and put them into her purse. Back on the road, she boarded a bus to the centre of the city. Once there, she first went to the bus depot. She bought two tickets to the mountains. The tickets were for the next day. She had almost two days to spend and nowhere to go. But she had money. Money, of course, could buy a place to go to. It could ,infact , also buy someone to go to.
By now she was hungry. It was almost nine-thirty. Yet she walked to a phone booth. From there she called a number that she had scribbled on a piece of paper last night. The phone rang thrice, and then the machine took over.
"Hi! I'm not at home right now. Please leave a message after the beep."
She left a message. She fed the phone. She left.
She went to a sweet shop. She had the sweets she used to like as a child. She found she no longer liked them. She walked back to the bus stand and took a bus to the biggest shopping centre in town. She watched the roads snake away from her bus window.

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