Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Secrets of the Banyan

Smoke rises on the distant hills
Coloured mists dreamt it into being.
I walk among the clouds this night,
Among the empty valleys.
The snow makes it white
And coloured thoughts are lost on the breeze.
Bright green leaves burst with life
But mask death's pale visage
What happens after we die?
Do the thoughts turn black?
Bring me to the ocean's edge
for I must follow my thoughts
To the depths of my dreams
Beyond the fields of sand
Beyond the realm of the stars
To stop only at the great Banyan Tree.

My Body

My body, a funeral pyre
My body, your sermon of fire
My body, Phoenix before rebirth
My body, six feet under the earth.
My body, a tropical storm,
My body, a child unborn
My body, the music room of fire and rain
My body, a tuneless refrain.
My body, a grieving wife,
My body, harbinger of life
My body, a harlot's curse
My body, a death by verse.


Midnight whispers stole you away,
And I haven't slept a wink since.

Random calls, random falls,
Random cries, random buys
Define my nights,
since Ted fund his Sylvia anew!

My nerves are still raw,
But lumps of sugar sway,
Toy boys arrive on cue to play.

My nights grow plumes,
Purple bruises of gloom
Insatiable insanity knocks again.

Monday, September 1, 2014


And the rains came tonight,
To wash the dust away
From the crevices of my Soul.

The thunder clapped too loud,
To drown out the sounds
Of his song strain.

Eager for the feast, I grew
When hunger gnawed my empty mind,
Insatiable I leaped to the flame,
And chewed my burnt hands instead. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Love in the time of Insanity

I waited for the thunderstorms,
but the dusty man arrived.
I looked away
for reasons grey,
While jittery hands jived.

Like shadows dance in a twilight song,
We moved in peaceful surrender.
Madness crept in
through the blinds
And giggled at our splendor.

A song sung blue, raindrops too,
the dusty man did create
yet all in vain,
like a common refrain
the smoky chitchat permeate.

The tin man wanted a real heart
the dusty man wants to play his part...
A cure for his shudders is all he seeks,
Love in the time of insanity, peaks!