Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lucy Decides to Die - IV

Lucy's husband, Jove, was a busy man. But that day, he had no work. So, at midday, Jove called his wife's cellphone to ask her if she was free for lunch. The phone rang, but was unanswered. After three consecutive tries , Jove grew impatient. Perhaps , she had left the phone at home, he mused. He then , called her office. A practised voice answered. He asked for his wife. After thirty seconds of blank noises, the voice informed him that his wife had not turned up for work that day.

This was extremely unexpected. His wife had left for work. And she would have informed him, if she was sick. But she hadn't. Neither was she answering her phone. Jove knew something was amiss. He called home. No one answered. He had enough. He decided to go home and check. He took half a days leave and left for home.

His fourth-floor flat was as deserted as ever. His wife had indeed left her cell-phone at home. His three missed calls glowed at him, when he checked it. But where was his wife? She was never this irresponsible. She never went anywhere without telling him first. After pacing the house for half an hour, and searching through her things for another half for any clue to her whereabouts , he started to call her friends and family.

Three hours later, he still couldn't find her.

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