Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lucy Decides to Die - V

Three days later, Jove still had no idea, where his wife had gone. She appeared like thin air. Invisible and omnipresent. He had spent three days trying to find her. He had waited and waited for her call. He kept wishing the door would open and she would walk in. Perhaps they would fight, but atleast she would be here. When finally, three days had passed he knew she wouldn't come back. He had suspected it from the first, and now he was positive. she had run away with another man.

He didn't know who. And he didn't know why. All he knew was she wouldn't have left him unless there was someone else. He cursed her, spat at her name and decided to go for work. No whore could keep him from living his life. He had always known she would leave him one day. All 5 years of their marriage , he had known she was having an affair. He decided, that God had given him a second chance. This infact was the best thing that coulod have happened to him. Now , that she had left, he realized that he didn't really love her. And for the first time in years he felt free.

Jove was a new man. That day, he had a long bath, and dressed immaculately. He felt young, free and energised. He had his life ahead of him, and no love-less marriage to hold him back. He smiled, and was happy that his wife had cheated on him. For he would never have had the courage to end the marriage that he now knew, he didn't want.

Jove was happy. He went to work. And he wished that he would never see his wife ever again.

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